The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the room that people spend the most time in especially if they love to entertain. What can you do to make your kitchen look bigger when you don’t have the finances to expand or buy a home with a larger kitchen?

Here is a list of things you can do to give the illusion of a larger space. From free to moderately priced, you can knock out a few of these ideas this weekend!

#1 – Declutter Like You’re Moving

Clutter is the number one culprit when it comes to making a space feel cramped. The first step in achieving your new spacious feeling kitchen is being ready to de-stash.

Go through every drawer, cupboard and cabinet keeping only the essentials; donate or toss the rest. If you can, empty the kitchen into boxes and bins like you were actually moving. Once empty, replace everything being mindful of if it’s truly needed.

#2 – A Place For Everything

Blenders and toasters and coffee makers! Oh my!

7 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger - small appliancesSmall appliances can take up valuable counter space and make the room feel messy and small. After your declutter session, try to find a home for these items to get them off the counter when not in use. Perhaps in a drawer or corral them in a basket in a pantry.

Your eyes will be so happy that you did.

#3 – Lighten Up

Dark colors have a way of making rooms feel like a cramped cave. Luckily, a coat of paint and light bulbs are fairly inexpensive and readily accessible.

Keep window treatments minimal and light in color. Allow as much

7 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger - overhead lighting and windowssunlight into the room as possible during the day. For the evening, be sure to have your fixtures fitted with bulbs that provide ample ambient lighting.

A coat of paint can work miracles on a small room. Select a color that’s light and limit the rest of the palette to the same color family. Low contrast in color makes the room feel more expansive. Also, a satin finish is ideal as it’s easy to clean and reflects light.

#4 – Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Shiny surfaces have been used in decorating for decades to make rooms feel larger. Cough, 70’s, cough. Reflective surfaces will play off your lighting choices bouncing light around the room to make the space feel larger. Try adding stainless steel appliances, a glass or metallic back splash or a well placed mirror.

#5 – Change Your Shelving

Open shelving is one of those design options that people either love or hate. It can really open a room up when compared to it’s closed cupboard counterpart. By exposing the wall and taking shelves up to the ceiling, you take the bulk out of the room and make the room look taller.

7 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger - open shelving

Utilizing open shelves allows you to add some personal items and show your style without taking up counter space.

Another option is to replace your cupboard doors with glass doors. The glass allows you to see into the space making it feel a bit more open. It also provides another shiny surface to reflect light.

#6 – Think Thin

If you have a small space you need to have appropriately sized furniture. A bulky, traditional table will quickly undo all of the other room expanding tricks you’ve applied. Slim lines are your friend.

Instead of a freestanding pantry or hutch, try a movable island. A pedestal or glass top table will be far more beneficial to your cause than an over sized breakfast nook.

Don’t forget to keep it in the same color palette as the rest of the room!

#7 – Keep It Clean & Simple

A clean kitchen is an airy kitchen. You already decluttered and found homes for your small appliances, it should be easy to keep clean now. Just remember to put things away and don’t let junk from other rooms find it’s way in.

7 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger- Clean and simpleDecor choices going forward should be simple. A picture frame and candle, vase with your favorite floral arrangement or no personal items at all. Keep in mind your color palette and avoid high contrast colors.

Don’t undo all of your hard work!

Will you be tackling some of these tasks this weekend? Let us know how it goes and we’d love to see pictures.

7 ways to make your kitchen look bigger

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